Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kitchen Remodel...before


I'm learning how to blog on my teacher blog.  But I think I want to also blog about my upcoming kitchen remodel and other non-teaching stuff.  So that stuff will go here.  So here's the before pictures.

Notice the complete lack of counter space.

The wall on the right will have cabinets all along it when it's done.

This is the wall where the cabinets will be.

This just shows the narrow galley style kitchen I have.

I'll be excited to have something besides white cabinets.

And I'm planning on an undermount sink with granite countertops. No more tiles!!! (I hate the tiles)

I can't wait for the new dishwasher.  Mine hasn't worked for a few years now.
 I am 95% sure I've chosen a contractor.  I'll talk to him tomorrow and if it doesn't fall through, I'll share with you the rendered drawings the cabinet/counter guy sent me.


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