Friday, September 28, 2012

Empty kitchen, full house

I have been a bit absent this last week.  It's been very busy and I just haven't had the energy to put stuff out here.
Monday I went and picked out flooring.  So here are some pictures of what I've got.
This is a small sample of the flooring.  Note:  it only looks like tile.  No grout for me!

The cabinet wood (Alder) on the left, the counter top (solid surface) on the right, and the floor (vinyl) underneath.
On Tuesday I had to work late, and ended up getting a migraine.  I completely forgot to call and order the floor!  Wednesday I also had to work late.  Yesterday was just a normal work day.  Which brings us to today.

I have the day off because of the two longer days earlier this week.  They start demolition on Monday, so I had to move a bunch of the bigger, heavier stuff today.  My house now looks like an episode of Hoarders.

My living room.  

The spare bedroom, which you can't really even walk in.

The spare bedroom as taken from the doorway.
So, I'll be living in a pretty chaotic home for a while.  I will take pictures each day, but might not always get them posted right away.

I'm dreading the chaos, but excited for the outcome.


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