Sunday, January 6, 2013

All I wanted was HD T.V.

I'm writing this post out of frustration.  I have Directv.  I have no complaints about their service.  My satellite rarely has any problems and their customer service is usually good.

I've had a tivo DVR for over 5 years now and it's getting old.  I've had to completely wipe it and erase it a couple of times and it's starting to have all kinds of strange problems.  Directv is giving out a free Genie 5 room HD DVR to new customers.

I was so proud of myself, I called them and bargained with them to get one!  I was so excited to get my new DVR and HD TV.  I scheduled to have them come out during the Christmas break from school.

Visit #1.  The guy took one look and said, "No, we can't do it."  Didn't climb up on the roof, measure anything or offer any alternatives.

So, I got upset that he didn't do anything except say "no" especially when other buildings in my condo complex have the HD satellite dishes.  So, I called and very assertively asked to have another tech come out and look.

Visit #2.  This guy was awesome.  He climbed up on his ladder and measured things.  Explained why he can't mount it on the side of my building.  Then he walked with me over to talk to the property upkeep guy.  At that point, it was decided they could do a non-penetration mount on the roof of my building.  This guy told me I'd have to reschedule so they'd have everything with them when they come.  He later called back and told me I had to call Directv and schedule it again requesting a non-penetration mount.  So I did.  Scheduled it for today.

Visit #3.  This guy said he had no idea we needed a non-penetration mount and he didn't have the equipment, but he thought he could mount it on the edge of the roof.  I told him the other 2 said they couldn't, but still, he climbed his ladder and then informed me (surprise!) that it wouldn't fit there.  He handed me his cell phone.  I rescheduled it with directv for next weekend.  He says they won't do it if there's snow on the roof.  *sigh*

Will I ever get my HD TV?  I just don't know, maybe by the time I do the next best thing will be out and my brand new stuff I've paid for will be outdated.

Okay, I'm done whining for now.

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  1. Keep at it. We have DirecTV. Sometimes Jim has to talk to them a handful of times before we get what we want. Sometimes it's just a matter of getting hold of the right person. But don't give up!


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